My Retirement Week (2)

Who’d have sex with a zombie? Only the French would consider it, and this week I was pleased to see the return of The Returned, a subtitled French drama series I watched last year. Although it’s about zombies, this is not The Walking Dead which I also watched. We’re now at Series 6 of this epic (?) and it’s coming extremely close to Jumping The Shark.

On BBC iplayer catch up I watched a recommended documentary on the secrets of Alex Ferguson’s leadership success, which left you in no doubt whatsoever that this success came from the fact that he was, always and without a doubt, Alex Ferguson.

When it comes to looking for stuff to read on financial matters, I pretty much rely on Monevator’s weekly round up of links. It’s always excellent. With regard to other business articles that I’ve found myself, in the week that Facebook insulted all of us by paying around four grand in tax I hope this opinion piece is accurate in predicting the first signs of its demise: Facebook is Big but Big Networks Can Fail.

On books, this week I’ve started to work through The Richard Burton Diaries, which is full of interesting gossip and tales of extraordinary drinking. “Yesterday I drank three bottles of vodka”, he writes. God knows how he held the pen. Sober, he has a good turn of phrase. “She is beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography”, he says of his young wife, Liz Taylor.

I did manage to follow a link from Weenie at Quietly Saving to the podcasts from Share Radio, and listened to the episode about how robots are taking over our jobs. Never mind that, have a read at this somewhat terrifying book, Our Final Invention, which sets out to show that it’s not our jobs that machines are after, it’s our very lives.

One of the blogs I regularly read is “Wheeling It‘, largely because of the fantastic photography of the USA that is a feature of almost every post. This past week has been a picture fest of Route 66 and Arizona’s Painted Desert. The previous week’s posts have seen the RV-ers  visit the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and that series is also well worth checking out. Hot dogs, jumping frogs and all that.

Where Hemingway Wrote First Drafts

Where Hemingway Wrote First Drafts

Finally, here’s one of my own photos from the USA, Sloppy Joe’s bar in Key West where Ernest Hemingway used to drink. Why? Because I noted a quote from the man himself to stick on my laptop and refer to when blogging.  Remember, said Hemingway, when writing, “The first draft of anything is shit”.

4 thoughts on “My Retirement Week (2)

  1. Hey Jim

    Thanks for the shout out.

    I watched a couple of episodes of the first series of The Returned but I think I was working away a lot at the time and ended up not continuing, although I had enjoyed it. Maybe I can do some catching up.

    I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead – not all the series have been stellar but I think this current one has started off quite dramatically.

    Colleagues were talking about the Fergie documentary recently. Unfortunately, much as I grudgingly admire his success, I shan’t be watching as he’s been the cause of misery and strife for me during his glory years with me being a Liverpool fan living and working in Manchester…


    • The trouble with a lot of these shows like The Walking Dead is that they just don’t know how to end them. Whereas The Returned, being French, couldn’t decide how to start.


  2. hi Jim! I really enjoy The Returned – it is slow, creepy and atmospheric. I suspect if there are further series it probably will teeter towards a rubbish ending but for the moment I think it’s holding up well.

    Thanks for the quote from Hemingway – very honest of him. 🙂


    • Thanks cathybird. I think a lot of those US shows suffer from the “first draft” problem as they progress, the pressure to get something out there outweighing the quality of it. I don’t watch it, but Game of Thrones scripts are now out ahead of the novels, so that’s the death knell for that series.


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