August 2015

Hello, my name is Jim and and welcome to my blog.

I’m intending this site is going to be about Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) for folks in the UK. But I’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I can add something of value to the growing community of bloggers on this subject who are blogging enthusiastically and passionately about their plans to attain their FIRE goals and live a life of their choosing.

Me, I think I was lucky to become Financially Independent and Retired Early because it wasn’t really my plan. It certainly helped that  (a) I am tight (b) I discovered The Motley Fool and started to manage my money about twenty years ago and (c) I am very tight.

The concept of Early Retirement as a goal hadn’t really resonated with me until about four years ago when I came across Jacob Fisker’s site, Early Retirement Extreme. In the way The Fool made me think differently about money, ERE made me think differently about the world of work and seemed to offer some concrete alternatives to it. And, when I found ERE, I was beginning to really struggle with the corporate life, which focused me on aiming to step out of it. After all, “When the student is ready, a teacher will appear”.

In the end, I attained the goal of Retiring Early when I was made redundant from work. More about that in the blog, probably. It soon struck me that although I had “Financial”, “Independence” and “Early” nailed down, I hadn’t quite thought through “Retirement”. My blog is an attempt to work that through!

Update 2016

After a year of “struggling a bit with Early Retirement”, and documenting some of this on my blog, I returned to full-time employment. Much as I had enjoyed my year out, I just wasn’t ready to exit the workplace, missing the social side of work, the mental stimulation and, to be honest, the security of a regular income. I decided, however, to keep the blog going in the hope that, one day, I might actually pen a post that covers the subjects of Sex, Health, Money and Death!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Good stuff…so glad to read a blog that I can relate to in so many ways! I especially enjoy the clever, slightly-twisted tone. You’ve a new follower!


  2. Glad I found your blog. We, too, created the Encore Voyage when we were given “the opportunity to reinvent ourselves” by the hubs employer. Wasn’t in the plans at the time, but now we believe, “You know you’re on the right track when you become disinterested in looking back.” But it sure has taken some adjustment! I’ll be checking back often to read about your “voyage!”


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