Blogroll and Books

Over the years, I’ve been helped and inspired by books (before the internet was invented) and bloggers. I’ve listed them here, in no particular order, except for The Motley Fool at the top, because it was really them who started me off.

The Motely Fool UK investment Guide – out of date now as a book, but the Website is a mine of information and has  good forum boards too.

Early Retirement Extreme inspired me to think differently about the world of work.

Mr Money Moustache probably needs no introduction here and Sam at Financial Samurai posts a lot of interesting views on Early Retirement.

Monevator is a UK site that many of us have benefited and learned from while Money Saving Expert is a fantastic resource for us Brits, especially the forums. Mention here too for the This Is Money financial calculators that I have often used to project forward and model my investments. (Monevator did a fantastic post on tools and resources that is hard to beat on the information available on the web.)

Special mention to the following bloggers in the UK who inspired me (at a weekend get together in York) to kick off this blog: Huw at Financially Free by Forty, Weenie at Quietly Saving, Guy at Early Retirement Guy and Andy at Firestarter.

Other UK PF blogs I read are Ermine’s always thoughtful Simple Living in Suffolk, M’s blog at There’s Value and The Escape Artist. On the US side, I regularly drop by and read Ridinkulous and Wheeling It, although the latter is about RV-ing funded by FI. Also worth a mention are some of the posts at Living a FI and I keep meaning to read more of them.



6 thoughts on “Blogroll and Books

  1. Glad you started the site and happy to see the healthy dose of sarcasm continue throughout! The UK FI blogging scene is sorely lacking in people who have actually achieved it so always good to gain inspiration from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.


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