The Top Ten Changes Retiring Early Makes To You

Mobile Phone

When I was working, my mobile phone was welded to me. I’d even take it into the bathroom. Once retired, I found I was constantly leaving it at home, in coat pockets and so on. Because nobody ever called.


I used to cope quite easily with about six hours sleep and told myself that was all I needed. Out of the rat race I very soon defaulted to eight. There is now quite a lot of research that says for optimum health and longevity, everyone needs those eight hours.


God I used to hate the gym. It hung over me and I felt I HAD to fit it in. Once retired, it became an oasis to be enjoyed, swims, saunas and steam rooms, with time to sit and enjoy a coffee and a read at the paper before going on with the day.

Walking & Cycling

You’ve time on your hands so no more gunning the car to take you down to shops to buy a pint of milk. Have a stroll down there instead and listen to a…..


I listen to a lot more of these now, usually when out walking. When I worked they took up too much mental space and it just seemed more easy then to listen to music.


I’ve lost weight, about six pounds, since stopping work. Part of that is because I’m exercising, but some of it’s due to the fact that I’m no longer grabbing sandwiches and snacks on the move. I probably eat less sugar too because of the amount that’s stuffed into processed foods. I know from bitter experience just how hard it is to shift weight through exercise, so I think the majority of weight loss is due to eating more fresh cooked food.

Watch Less TV

When you’re retired, you’re suddenly more aware of taking control of time and doing things you want to. When working, I’d slump in front of the TV (or surf aimlessly) for hours as it required little mental effort. With time and energy to spare, you start to look for more simulating things to do.

Keeping in Touch

Because you’ve time to do it. And how much time in your day is spent talking to people at work? Suddenly that’s gone.

Losing the Lust for Holidays

Every day feels like a holiday now (although I’m not sure how long this will last!)

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