The Top Ten Ridiculous Things I Spent Cash on When Working


What a con. I’d admit that some wine does taste better than others but the price of it is often the last thing that will tell you. Over the years I’ve tried to convince myself that a fifty quid bottle of wine beats a five quid bottle hands down. But it’s just not true. However, if you do find a wine you really like, buy a case if you can. That will be a good use of cash


Another immense marketing trick that I wish I had been immune to instead of squandering hard earned cash on this stuff. I’m too embarrassed to say how much I spent on this at Duty Free airports to have not one person ever remark on how nice I was smelling. Ever.         

An Expensive SLR Camera

A breathtaking amount of money spent on something that will take a picture that’s marginally better than your mobile ‘phone. And even then only by someone who’s interested in photography. Remember, no matter how good your SLR picture is, absolutely nobody cares.


For a long time, I did believe that a good exfoliator softened up my manly stubble for the blade. But to spend fifteen quid on, basically,  a tube of grit should have seen me arrested.

Porsche Pen

I didn’t want a Mont Blanc pen because I didn’t want to pose, so spent an equivalent sum on this. Who was I trying to kid?

Apple Stuff

Yes, I was a victim/schmuck too.

Crombie Shirts

A hundred quid a pop. That’s three M&S decent shirts and I can’t even begin to explain what possessed me.

Virgin Premium Economy

No, not worth it at all and a waste of cash. But, if I had the cash, Virgin Upper Class I would pay for and yes, I know what it costs. It’s still worth it.

Newly Published Hardback Books

I just couldn’t wait six months, could I?

Single Malt Whiskey

Even worse than wine in terms of being able to tell an expensive one from a cheap blend. Like it mattered anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Ridiculous Things I Spent Cash on When Working

  1. Don’t beat yourself up too much.. we’ve all been there. My personal shame is the ~200 PS2 games I’ve got sitting in a box hidden away somewhere. They each cost £30-£40 new 10 years ago and are worth about 50p each now. It makes me cry at night sometimes thinking about it.


  2. Everybody’s human, so my guess is that if they’re not admitting to anything, it’s just because it’s too embarrassing, especially if they’re now a FI/RE convert .

    I just had one I’m ashamed of & that still makes me cringe when I think of it & get the knee-jerk, stomach twisting, toe-curling reflex; because although it was only one, it was enough of a clusterf’k that it made up for quantity with quality – my Ex – ….damn I miss that nice house, 2 cars & my 30’s. 🙂


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