Top Ten Frugal Tips

The web is full of tips and tricks on the subject of frugality. This is list of ten that I either adhere to or have had a laugh about (while thinking “Hmmm, maybe I should….)

Shop at Aldi and Lidl – What surprised me about this was just how much it reduced my grocery bill. Most other comments you read about them are also true.

Spin out Gillette razor usage by Stropping – Yeah, I bought a rubber gizmo to strop my blades on from Amazon at fourteen quid. It worked. Then I read you got the same effect by running the blades down your soapy forearm. That works too. (Using the reverse motion you’d use for shaving, making sure the blades aren’t poised to shave.) I can make a Gilette blade easily last a month of daily use this way.

Turn off car air con to save Petrol – I’m not even sure that this works, but an old taxi driver who used to regularly pick me up from Heathrow Airport would do this until I realised why I was sitting in a pool of rancid sweat in his old Rover.

Cut dishwasher Tablets in Half – Oh, I’m tempted by this one.

Walk & Bike – Maybe it’s stating the obvious to use this method of transportation as an alternative when you can, but never mind the environment, think of the money you’re saving.

Drop a brick in Toilet Cistern – This cuts down your water usage. No idea what it will save in the year, I just like the simplicity of it and the unarguable fact that it will ensure you use less water.

Library Reservation Service – I’ve saved about twenty quid a month on Kindle downloads since rediscovering my library, its on-line reservation system and cross referencing it with the 200 or so books on my Amazon Wish List.

Skype/WhatsApp etc  – I was late to the party on this. Quality of the call isn’t all that great sometimes but come on, it’s free!

The Pirate Bay – Ehrm, maybe I shouldn’t admit to this…..

Using Teabags Five Times in a Row – I think that’s enough Frugal Tips

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Frugal Tips

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just discovered your blog after reading a post on theFIREstarter website. I am still taking the first steps to my journey to FI, but I have already learned quite a lot and like to share whatever I can.

    As an alternative to the pricey Gillette razor blades, have you considered Double Edge Shaving? You can buy 100 double edged razor blades for less than £10, and it won’t take you 10,000 hours to perfect it.


    • I haven’t, partly because I’ve got about 50 Gillette Fusion blades that I splurged on in the last Asda Half Price! I’ve yet to find any other blade that comes close to giving me as good a shave. And if anyone from Gillette reading this would like to send me some free samples…..


  2. Hiya. Nice to come across another UK based FIRE blog.

    my comments are really for the “top ten retirement real ales” page but comments are closed on that one.

    1. You seem to be missing anything from Samuel Taylor on that list, which i think you owe it to yourself to done some, ahem, research on.

    2. Have you considered getting into home brewing in your retirement? Whilst not retired myself (rather downshifted) I split the equipment purchase 3 ways with a couple of neighbours & we now brew in turn & share the beer around. £30 worth of ingredients makes about 18-20 litres of beer, & it’s great fun to learn the skills. We’ve had a couple of off batches in the beginning but most stuff we are making has tasted brilliant. Last summer I made a full pressure barrel for our annual street party – made lots of friends that day lol.


    • Cheers! I’ll have a look at that “Comments closed” issue see if I can rectify it. Sam Taylor? Did you mean Sam Smith perchance? If so, you’re right! Home brew – haven’t done that since I was a student, when my results were far from “brilliant”, more “undrinkable, but let’s drink it anyway”. Perhaps I owe it another try.


      • LOL yes Sam Smith… clearly had your first selection on my mind when i miss-typed that. Also VERY partial to a pint of Landlord which thankfully is on tap at my local. We’ve got their Boltmaker on tap too currently which is another Timothy Taylor “list contender” i feel ;-).

        The availability of quality homebrew ingredients is amazing these days: all the individual malts, hops & yeast strains in small qtys. We get most of our stuff from & the founder Greg Hughes has a lovely beginners book too.


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