Top Ten Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I found the following Top Ten via a Sparkle Bee post that mentioned “Preppers”. It’s actually a really interesting website, full of information, if you can put aside the “End of the World is Nigh” premise that underpins it. After all, the End of the World always has been, and always will be, Nigh. When it happens, I intend to be elsewhere.

Find Shelter –  I thought maybe “find water” would be the priority, but then this is the UK and rain is never far away. Hence, if you live in Scotland, the advice will be “Avoid water”.

Find Food – once your stash of cupboard food runs out (like in a week) it’s time to hunt the squirrel.

Make Fire – a skill worth developing if you intend to survive, and seemingly much, much harder than just rubbing two sticks together.

Find Water – Without water you WILL die, as the blogger says.

Sanitation – Keep yourself out of deep shit, so to speak.

Personal Protection – Become a ninja warrior, if you aren’t already. (Why do I suspect that for a lot of male “preppers”, this will be the first link they click?)

Grow Your Own Food – but somehow you’ll also need to hide it, no?

Medical Requirements – best advice on this? Don’t have any medical conditions prior to the Apocalypse.

Preserving and Storing Food – The only thing I fancied learning on this list, to be honest.

Signalling and Communication – to avoid and hide from the nutters, when they come. And oh, they’re coming!!

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