Top Ten Retirement Real Ales

Sipping a pint of any one of the following is guaranteed to give the fact that you’re not working tomorrow a special glow.

Timothy Taylor Landlord (award winning and worth it)

Black Sheep Bitter (and Golden Sheep IPA)

Fuller’s Summer Ale (seasonal ale which I always opt for if I chance across it)

Deuchars IPA (the only Scottish ale I’ve found that rivals anything from England)

Bass (in a busy pub, this is hard to beat)

Copper Dragon Golden Pippen (the mainstay in my local pub)

Leeds Pale (growing on me by the week)

Fuller’s London Pride (tastes better when you’re actually in London)

Yorkshire Terrier (from my local city brewery)

Doom Bar (I know, common as muck these days but I still like it)

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Retirement Real Ales

  1. Hah, I had a pint of Deuchars yesterday after a round of golf at the clubhouse bar. Never heard of it before and didn’t realise it was Scottish! It was indeed very nice!

    I also love Doombar! I can drink pints of that with no hangover… 🙂


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